Winter storms that killed 17 will keep dumping on Germany, Austria

Jan. 11 (UPI) — Even more snow is expected to hit Europe this weekend, after heavy snowfall has already buried Austria and southern Germany this week and killed at least 17 people.

Several more inches are expected to fall across Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia through Friday morning. Two additional storms will bring the threat of more snow and gusty winds until Sunday, forecasters said.

Hundreds of German drivers became stuck in the snowstorm Wednesday. Authorities said accidents blocking traffic over a 21-mile stretch of one road. The Austrian town of Altaussee was described as being “completely buried.”

AccuWeather reported the storm’s death toll reached 17 across Europe.

One man was killed in Feldkirch, Austria, when he was hit by his own car while he tried to clear snow off of it on a slope. A 9-year-old child died near Munich Thursday when a tree fell on him.

Five feet of snow fell on Marktschellenberg, Germany, Wednesday, essentially cutting off the town from surrounding areas. Rescue workers found cars and houses buried underneath mounds of snow.

About 350 people were trapped in the Buchenhoehe district after snowfall forced officials to close roads leading into the town.

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